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My Digital Odyssey 2007

The photos above were live-blogged for Digital Odyssey 2007 after we figured out why I couldn't post right away. Since then, I've also finished the notes for the sessions I volunteered to blog.

Tim Spalding on Social Cataloging and the Fun OPAC
Meeting Tim Spalding, the founder of LibraryThing, was a big deal for me, especially after he referred to a scene from the Tom Hanks movie that is probably my favorite movie of all time. What he says about OPACs applies, of course, to libraries in the Philippines as well. Incidentally, thanks to Micketymoc for the link to the PinoyThing group.
Art Rhyno and Dan Scott on Evergreen
When I wrote "Free Library Software" last year, Evergreen was not yet fully in place. Well, this open source software was developed specifically for large library consortia. Click on the link above and see if Evergreen will work for your library.

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