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Message for Filipino LibraryThingers

Tim Spalding, founder of LibraryThing, graciously agreed to record the video above for Filipino LibraryThingers and other potential users after his session at Digital Odyssey 2007. If you would like to know more about LibraryThing, check out the basics, concepts involved, and/or take the tour.

If you're already using LibraryThing, and would like to get involved in the creation of a Tagalog—or even another Philippine language—site, you may email Spalding at tim-at-librarything-dot-com.

If you are a librarian in the Philippines at an institution that can provide LibraryThing with access to its Z39.50 client, you can email Spalding directly if you have the authority to speak for your library, or email me at von-dot-totanes-at-gmail-dot-com, if you think it would be better for someone else to communicate with your library director.

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