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FO: Astronomy.com.ph

Thanks to "Great Web resources" by Queena Lee-Chua (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 20 November 2005), I found out about Astronomy.com.ph. Click on the photo above to see what the stars in the sky look like from the Philippines right now. And if you are in the Philippines, you can actually print the map, go outside your house, and identify all the stars by name—assuming, of course, that it's night-time and it's a starry, starry night.

The site is an ezine that features articles on astronomy written by and for starstruck fans. What makes it even better is that the writers don't assume that their readers are familiar with the subject.

There are also regular items on astronomers and organizations—not to mention a list of addresses—for readers who want to know the respected members of the astronomy community in the Philippines. Do you want to know what the stars have in store for you this month? Check out the Sky Calendar to find out the movements of the stars and the moon—and when Uranus will be stationary =)

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