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Grace Avellana Villamora: Filipina

Grace Avellana VillamoraGrace Avellana Villamora is a Filipina information professional. In "Proudly Filipino," I promised to write about her because she is someone Filipinos can be proud of.

Villamora is the author of Super Searchers on Madison Avenue (Medford, NJ: CyberAge Books/Information Today, 2003), for which she interviewed advertising librarians, market research consultants, and other advertising professionals across the United States. The book's bibliography is available online. You may wish to read the review by Chris Sherman of Search Engine Watch.

Before becoming an information professional, she worked in advertising agencies in Manila and Chicago, and that's why she has had experience in advertising, public relations and market research. She is currently the principal of brightresearch llc, which provides just-in-time research on just about any business topic.

Villamora has been an active member of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) since 1977, even though she is not a trained librarian, and has taken on many roles including that of speaker (2004) and moderator (2005) at annual conferences. She is probably the best-known Filipina in SLA today.

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