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Librarian Publishes Thesaurus

Thesaurus on Philippine Environment—the book compiled by Romeo A. Sebastian, a Filipino librarian, and which was launched last September—has been featured in "Thesaurus of Pinoy environmental terms" by Doris Gaskell Nuyda (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 6 November 2005).

In the process of illustrating how the thesaurus may be used, Nuyda gives an overview of how classification tools are constructed. LIS practitioners and students should be able to easily recognize Nuyda's references to BT, NT, RT, etc. I don't think anything like this has ever appeared in a newspaper column since I started blogging.

But the most encouraging aspect of the column was that a brief biography of Sebastian was included! Not only was Sebastian identified as a librarian, other details about where he works and how he came to compile thesauri are also mentioned.

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