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Invisible Libraries

"Most Caloocan residents... did not know the city had a library."

The sentence above is from "Caloocan City gives reading habit a boost" by Nancy C. Carvajal (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 11 November 2005), but I would be willing to guess that many—if not most—Filipinos are not aware that their province, city or municipality has a library.

A friend once told me that she went to a bookstore to do some research for her child. There's something wrong of course when a mother does her child's work, but why did she have to go to a bookstore?

Kudos, of course, to Caloocan City for caring enough about literacy to promote its library, but forgive me for asking my usual question: Where's the librarian?

I'm rather busy at the moment, but don't worry, the follow-up to "Are Bookstores Better Than Libraries?" is coming. And I'll definitely be posting about "Invisible Librarians" as soon as I can find the time.

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