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FO: Paintings on eBay

Filipino Paintings on eBay

"Larawan Series" by Bencab (1994)

Sixteen paintings by Filipino and Mexican artists will be auctioned through eBay by the Cemex Philippines Foundation to "help schools get better facilities and offer students wider access to learning opportunities" (from the ad that appeared in Philippine Daily Inquirer, page A8, 11 November 2005). Click on the painting above to see all 16 paintings.

Starting bids range from 65,000 pesos to 1.8 million pesos (Bencab's painting above). There are also two paintings by Malang. Time left to bid, at this time, is 1 day and 3 hours. But there must be something wrong because the ad only appeared in the newspaper today and no bids have been placed.

I'm writing about this now because I believe in the cause for which the paintings are being auctioned. Maybe I have some rich readers who can afford the paintings. Or maybe some of my readers know some rich people. I just hope that Cemex will spend a little of the money they raise on libraries =)

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