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Christmas 2008

I wouldn't dream of trading Christmas in the Philippines for a white Christmas. And that's why I made sure I'd be home this Christmas. I was hoping to get some work done before the new year, but I was being optimistic. As I wrote before, "schedules, eating habits and exercise routines are thrown out the window" in December.

The video below provides a glimpse of what I mean. Note that "Pasko = Christmas" and "Pinas" is short for "Pilipinas," the Filipino word for "Philippines." I've also reproduced the lyrics, and added my own English translation. Merry Christmas!

Pasko sa Pinas
Artist: Yeng Constantino

Nadarama ko na ang lamig ng hangin
Naririnig ko pa ang maliliit na tinig
May dalang tansang pinagsama-sama’t
Ginawang tambourine
Ang mga parol ng bawat tahana’y
Ibang mukha ng saya
Himig ng Pasko’y nadarama ko na

May tatalo pa ba sa Pasko ng Pinas
Ang kaligayahan nati’y walang kupas
Di alintana kung walang pera
Basta’t tayo’y magkakasama

Ibang-iba talaga
Ang Pasko sa Pinas
Ang Pasko sa Pinas

Christmas in Pinas
Artist: Yeng Constantino
I can already feel the coolness of the wind
I can still hear the children's voices
Carrying bottle caps strung together
Made into a tambourine

The lanterns in each home
Shimmer and shine
The look of happiness is different
I can already feel the spirit of Christmas

Can anything beat Christmas in Pinas
The joy we feel is incomparable
We don't really care if we don't have money
As long as we're all together

It's really different
Christmas in Pinas
Christmas in Pinas


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