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The 9/11 Memorial

In 2006, I linked to a website (now defunct) that indicated that at least 15 individuals of Filipino descent died at the World Trade Center towers on 11 September 2001. In 2007, I linked the same names to obituaries that first appeared in the New York Times and other newspapers, even though evidence they were Filipino was not always clear. Since then, the inauguration of the 9/11 Memorial has made it possible to confirm that most of them were born in the Philippines, as well as identify other individuals not previously listed as Filipino.

Unless otherwise indicated, the basis for concluding that the 21 individuals named below were Filipino is the 9/11 Memorial.
Cesar Amoranto Alviar (NYT)
Marlyn Capito Bautista
Cecile Marella Caguicla
Grace Alegre Cua
Jayceryll Malabuyoc de Chavez

Benilda Pascua Domingo
Judy Hazel Santillan Fernandez
Ronald L. Gamboa
Ramon B. Grijalvo
Gerald Francis Hardacre

Frederick Kuo, Jr. (NYT)
Arnold Arboleda Lim (Filipino heritage remains unconfirmed)
Manuel L. Lopez, 54
Cynthia Motus-Wilson
Ruben S. Ornedo

Carl Allen B. Peralta, 37
Maria Theresa Concepcion Santillan (cousin of Judy Fernandez, probably Filipino)
Rufino C.F. Santos III
David Marc Sullins
Hilario Soriano Sumaya, Jr. (NYT)

Hector Rogan Tamayo
Please remember them and the others who died on 11 September 2001 in your prayers.


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