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Leadership and Librarians

Stephen Abram showed the slides above at the Forum on Planning for the Future: Developing Librarians’ Leadership Skills, which was held at the Rizal Library on 15 April 2013.


ICoASL 2013

In 2006, I wrote "SLA, Toronto, and PhD, or How a Conference Changed My Life." Now I realize that it should have been subtitled "How a Conference and Blogging Changed My Life."

I haven't won any blogging awards, but I think a lot of opportunities I've had since I started this blog in 2005 may be traced directly to the blogging I've done. For instance, I doubt that I could have become an official SLA conference blogger from 2006 to 2009 if I had not had this blog. [The only reason I stopped blogging for the annual conference was that I stopped going, largely so that I could finish my dissertation.]

So I think it's quite appropriate that I just set up a blog for what is essentially an SLA event: ICoASL 2013, or the International Conference of Asian Special Libraries, which is being held in Manila this year, 10-12 April 2013. Take a look. Tell your friends. Register for the conference =)


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