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Anniversary Comments

There are, at present, 31 comments on my anniversary post. Excluding my own comment, there were 29 unique commenters: 23 were Filipino, 20 bloggers, 15 friends and acquaintances, 14 cyber-friends, 13 not based in the Philippines, 9 librarians. Of the 23 Filipinos, 6 are based overseas; of the 9 librarians, 4 are foreigners.

[Updated on 28 February 2006: I forgot to mention that while Zarah did not leave a comment, she did wish this blog a "Happy Birthday" on her blog. Meanwhile, AsianSmiles, who did leave a comment, also included this blog in her series of posts on "High-Valued Blogs."]

There were, of course, those who emailed me privately or through the Filipino Librarians Googlegroup, but let me just focus on the comments and commenters now:

Mike said that, "Librarians are the original Google." It's good and it's bad. It acknowledges our role, but at the same time emphasizes how we've been left behind. Then again, it would be a mistake to think of Google as the enemy. I use Google all the time =)

Dominique flatters me too much by saying that, "Yep, definitely an A-lister." It really all depends on how you define the A-list. Rickey is, of course, the A-list blogger who was my classmate for eight years. Jonas and Drakulita designed the "Yan ang Pinay" logos in the sidebar.

Ayeza, Bugsybee, Jayred, Mia and AsianSmiles are Filipina bloggers whom I "met" because of the "Yan ang Pinay" campaign. I haven't seen any of them in person, but I've spoken with Ayeza on the phone. And maybe that's why she wishes me 100 more years.

Tobie and I had lunch after we discovered each others' blogs. And now, you might say that I'm even closer to him than his mom, who used to be my boss. DCS is a foreigner who found this blog at the time of the landslide. Carlos Celdran uttered the words on which I modeled this blog's "mission." Click on the flag in the sidebar =)

Christina Pikas and Marydee are librarians I met at last year's SLA conference in Toronto. I'm still hoping I can make it for the Baltimore conference this year. Walt Crawford and Jessamyn are two of the most respected bloggers in the biblioblogosphere today. And I'm flattered to know that they even know this blog exists.

Arnold C. Zafra and Igor are blograrians, Grace is a colleague, Ian Flojo is my student, and Cres was one of the first librarians who left comments on this blog. Eric the Viking, the boyfriend of a former classmate, is someone I haven't seen since I left my former job. The same is true for Chickie who says, "You're the only librarian friend I have and I'm proud of it." I should have lunch with her again and introduce her to other librarians.

Vanny is another former classmate, who is now a book mogul. Andiy and Petro Vich are friends I met online, both are overseas. Ivy sounds familiar, but I'm not quite sure who she is. Meanwhile, It's Your Turn seems to just have wanted a linkback.

Thanks, everyone, for joining the celebration!

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