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Edsa 20/20: Podcasts and Articles

There is, of course, PCIJ's series of podcasts in relation to its "Edsa 20/20" special edition of iReport. You can download interviews with major and not-so-major players, as well as ordinary citizens, who participated in the EDSA Revolution.

And then there's the BBC series entitled "From Dictatorship to Democracy," which includes the following:

You may also wish to listen to the BBC's two-part Music Biz special, one of which is already up, which tells "the story of how rock’n’roll helped bring about a political revolution in the Philippines."

Newsstand has a series of posts entitled "Edsa 20," which includes information gathered for a documentary and commentary on what Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is doing or has not done in connection with the EDSA anniversary.

Finally, INQ7 has an archive of its most recent articles and features on the twentieth anniversary of the EDSA Revolution. It would have been better if the news articles had been separated from the reminiscences, but it's better than looking through all the search results on Google News, Yahoo! News, and Topix.net.

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