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Small Changes

This blog will be turning one-year old on February 18. And it is because of this that I have started making small changes here and there, most of it in the sidebar. Any feedback you'd like to give on any of the changes would be very welcome.

For instance, the blue (FeedBurner) and orange (FeedBlitz) buttons that display numbers in the sidebar indicate that more readers of this blog prefer to receive updates via email rather than RSS feeds.

The next two subscribe buttons, though they look similar, are for two different things. The first (courtesy of FeedBlitz) is for those who wish to receive updates from this blog via email. The second (via Googlegroups) is for those who want to join discussions between librarians and others interested in the Philippines and libraries. If you used to receive email from either of the two, but have not gotten any in the past week, you may have been unsubscribed for various reasons. Please subscribe again.

The yellow-orange button is actually a recommendation. I am now using Firefox browser as my default browser because it allows me to right-click on a link and open a new page without having to open another window, preview a webpage before printing, and block most pop-ups. If you're already using Firefox, you may as well download the Google Toolbar, too.

I hope you've also tried clicking on the blue boxes. Each one contains links to pages from this blog or other websites. The newest links are those for online catalogs and resources, library associations, and my advocacies. The scripts (?) I used are from Dynamic Drive (via psst, yosi tayo...).

The feeds for Library Link of the Day, recent referrers (i.e., incoming links or how readers found this blog) and INQ7 Breaking News are all courtesy of blogtricks (via School Librarian in Action).

Meanwhile, Top 5 Links (courtesy of MyBlogLog; via Rickey) refers to the outgoing links on which readers are clicking. This list tells me whether readers are looking at the sites I point them to.

Just in case you're wondering about the dollar valuation for this blog, that's just a bit of an ego-booster. Thanks to Business Opportunities Weblog, I can daydream about selling this blog based on the number of sites that Technorati can find that link to it. But that, of course, is just wishful thinking =)

Finally, thanks to FeedBurner's FeedFlare, the option to "Add to del.icio.us" is now available for every post, and links to posts will now be displayed automatically via Technorati, even if no trackback is made.

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