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Edsa 20/20: Worth Dying For?

From "Philippines tears itself apart" by A Lin Neumann (Asia Times, 25 February 2006):

The Philippines is marking the 20th anniversary of its finest political hour with a demonstration that its democracy remains brittle, its political institutions on the point of collapse, its economy as corrupt as ever and its leaders embroiled in endless rounds of infighting.
Neumann tends to exaggerate some things, but I can't really say that he's wrong in what he wrote in the paragraph above. But he seems to be rather biased.

For instance, he makes much of the fact that, "none of the leaders of the first People's Power movement will appear together publicly to commemorate the events." But he fails to mention that Cory Aquino, whom he says is "the closest thing the Philippines has to a moral leader," now has no qualms appearing with the likes of Jinggoy Estrada and Satur Ocampo.

Like daughter, like mother?!!!

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