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FO: MapCentral

It's not quite Google Maps, but MapCentral is much more useful if you're looking for a particular place, building or street in the Philippines. Did you know that there's a "Hello, Garci?" building? Well, there isn't =)

But there is a Garci Building in Davao City.

Philippines mapsYou can use the "Find what" and "Where" search boxes to find what you're looking for. If there's only one place, building or street with that name, then you'll be taken directly to the map. If not, one map will be shown, but all other options will be listed in the sidebar and all you have to do is click on what it is you're looking for (e.g., island, street, landmark) and—voila!—you'll have the map you need.

Please note that using the search boxes (including "Geographic Search" in the sidebar) will lead to maps where you need to click on arrows to see the adjacent areas. But if you click on "Map Online," you can actually zoom in on a certain area and—without having to click on any arrows—just click on your mouse and drag it to see the adjacent areas.

You may consult the Help page for more specific information on how to use the site's features. There is an option to register, but it is not really necessary.

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