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Harry Potter Odds and Ends

I took the photo on the left just a few minutes before National Bookstore at Robinson's Galleria opened at 7:00 am on July 16 (see the clock inside the door?). The photo on the right shows the bookmark given to the first ten customers who claimed their reserved copies. I thought it was a keychain when I got it. And Muggles think a broom is just a broom.

Do you have editor-itis like me? What's wrong with the following sentence?
The site, therefore, of Fudge stepping out of the fire once more, looking disheveled and fretful and sternly surprised that the Prime Minister did not know exactly why he was there, was about the worst thing that had happened in the course of this extremely gloomy week (p. 10).
And no, I did not retype the quote above. I used the very difficult copy-and-paste technique, which was made possible by the Word document that I received via email. Yes, the entire book is available as a file. But please don't ask me to send it to you, Kreacher hid it somewhere.

How many times have you read the Harry Potter books? Well, some people have read them over and over again... like me. And that's why I really like "In Love With Harry, Over and Over Again" by Julie Salamon (New York Times, 15 July 2005).

And just in case you have read the book so many times, did you ever notice the Star Wars parallels? In "Harry Potter Spoilers," this question appears: "...how will Harry deal with the fact that Voldemort is his father?" Oops, I think I've said too much...

Finally, for those of you who've read the book but didn't notice the objectionable phrases that the Catholic Church should be objecting to—but isn't—check out "Hairy Pooter, part Sex: Quotable Quotes!" Please note, I used the word "objectionable." Consider yourself warned =)

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