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Outstanding Librarian 1999:
Antonio M. Santos

Antonio M. SantosAntonio M. Santos
Law Librarian
University of the Philippines

The Professional Regulation Commission conferred the Outstanding Professional Librarian of the Year Award on Antonio M. Santos in 1999. The citation reads:

For outstanding accomplishments toward the development of the librarianship profession through active participation in the implementation of the "Philippine Librarianship Act" as past President of the Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. (PLAI); for active participation in the drafting and the implementation of the continuing professional education for librarians; and for having institutionalized the holding of PLAI regional assemblies, seminars, and outreach programs to touch base with librarians throughout the country.

Thanks to Susima Gonzales and Lilia Echiverri for providing the citation. The photo is from the Consal XIII website.

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