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Get Caught Reading

via Beatriz

The National Book Development Board (NBDB) has adopted the Association of American Publishers' Get Caught Reading campaign. While I applaud the intention, I am afraid that unless they do a better job of promoting it, it's going to come and go without the impact that Visine's Read to Lead campaign had. (Note: I know, I know. Visine had money but dropped the campaign after gaining market share. Let's not go there.)

Here's what NBDB has to show for its efforts after a few weeks:
Department of Education Advisory No. 214 s.2006 (pdf)
Miriam Quiambao gets caught reading (NBDB)
Super Inggo gets caught reading (NBDB)
'Get Caught Reading' campaign launched (Manila Bulletin, 10 December 2006)
What about the poster above? What about it? I found that poster on a blog, not the usability-challenged NBDB website. More photos are available on the Super Inggo blog. So am I just going to whine about this? Nope. It's quite clear that we can't just rely on NBDB to promote its own campaign. Super Inggo and Beatriz have shown the way.

Get Caught Reading

I'll be making my own poster soon and will put it on my blog. I hope you can do the same. If you don't have time, why not put the Get Caught Reading logo—which NBDB doesn't even use—on your blog? Here's the code:
<a href="http://www.getcaughtreading.org/"><img src="http://static.flickr.com/140/327802814_18dcea78d6_o.gif"></a>
At this point, the code links to the original—and very American—Get Caught Reading website. But until NBDB comes up with a page worth linking to, this will have to do.

Bloggers unite!

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