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Do You Know What People Say About You?

If they're talking behind your back, you probably don't. But if they're putting it on the Internet, then you have a shot at knowing what they're saying about you. Or your family, school, company. Or your library.

In "Monitoring Your Reputation," Stephen Abram links to his column on ego feeds (pdf) and "31 Places to Monitor Your Reputation Online" by Li Evans. If BPI had been monitoring blogs, they would have known about Bugsy's problem without third-party intervention.

So what are bloggers saying about Filipino libraries? It can be as sweeping and fleeting as memorylady's "it sucks that we don't have proper city libraries here in the philippines" and IslandGirl's "But public libraries are a joke in the Philippines." Or it can be as detailed as the following, which incidentally were posted on the same day:

Kanina lang, habang nagreresearch ako sa Microfilm section, may lumapit sa aking Guidon member at tinanong ako kung pwede raw ba ako mainterview. Sinabi ko pwede. Sabi niya, tungkol daw ito sa library ng Ateneo bilang the best library among the universities in the Philippines. Una, tinanong niya ako tungkol sa benifits ng library. Sabi ko yung technology, tapos facilities, and the like... And another question, parang agree ka ba na Ateneo lib nga ang the best? Sabi ko "I personally have not been into other libraries, but I think it is reasonable that the Ateneo lib is the best."
Last Saturday February 10, 2007, I was burdened by tons and tons of research work. Due to this, a strong unusual force coming from the university library attracted me. This unusual force made me shiver to my bones. This is because; out of all the spaces and hideouts in school the library is an absolute horror. Believe me, at times, I read books but the UP library just isn’t a place to stay at. Dust from the old and ancient books are released every time you open one of those prehistoric books. The UP library could be even considered as a museum! (Grin** I might get kicked out for that one… Hehe..) If we compare the UP library to the libraries of private institutions, it would seem that ours is a mockery!
And finally, there are people like Ipat who really care about their libraries:
Congratulations to the staff at the T.M. Kalaw Library in Lipa City. I visited two years ago asking if they had a section for children's books and brainstormed with the librarian Ma'am Arlene. I went back recently and my faith in government was renewed somewhat because of the hardworking and involved staff at the library who set up the Children's Corner... I am collecting books from today to the end of the year to donate to this library to make its book collection closer to decent...

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