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Danton Remoto for Congress

In "Danton Remoto: A fabulous run for Congress" by Ricky Gallardo (Sunday Times Magazine, 6 May 2007), Remoto explains why he is entering the world of politics:

Because you cannot just complain and do nothing concrete. We are great talkers but bad workers. Because government gives you access to resources that can be used to change people’s lives. Like in District 3, there are health centers, but why do the doctors work only half-day, if at all? Why are there no medicines readily available? Why do five students share one textbook? Why do the barangay libraries exist when the shelves have no books? Why are the day-care centers closed? Why are the informal settlers mired in poverty and hopelessness? (emphasis added)
The answers to his questions, if you read the article, are clearly not just due to lack of money. After all, Remoto has gained the lead in his district—and even national recognition—without spending millions on advertising that other candidates have thrown at the TV networks.

But I've written about money and leadership before, so I'll just ask a question: If a library has no books, is it really a library? Remember, though, that the libraries Remoto refers to do not have electronic subscriptions or collections; they would be lucky to have even one computer. Perhaps someone like Remoto—who writes books, teaches literature, uses libraries and has worked as a publisher—can make a difference. I wish I were home so I could vote for him.

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