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Lea Salonga: Filipina

Lea Salonga: Filipina
Aside from being the best known Filipina performing on Broadway today, Lea Salonga is also a sexy mom. And in case you didn't know, she's also on Friendster, MySpace and Multiply. Plus, she blogs, too! Read about how she prepares to go onstage in "My Pre-show" and what she thinks about people who think they can record performances without anyone noticing in "Say Cheese... NOT!!!"

When I first saw Les Miserables in 1994, I think I must have been jetlagged because I distinctly recall feeling sleepy. But I was very much awake this time, especially because I've never had the chance to see Lea perform live in a musical before. So awake, in fact, that I even saw her in some crowd scenes after Fantine's death, even though she mostly kept her back to the audience and had dark makeup on her face to, I suppose, look more masculine. Anyway, Lea was excellent as Fantine, especially when she sang "I Dreamed a Dream," parts of which are shown in the video below.

And, of course, she was very accommodating when I took her photo after the show, the same way she dealt with everyone outside the stage door, most of whom were waiting for her.

The following isn't quite about Lea anymore, but since I don't think I'll be doing a separate post on Les Miserables, let me just say that having a student ID once again makes it easier to get cheap tickets. The seats I got for Rickey and myself weren't so good—we were lucky if we could see performers' legs when they were on top of the barricades—but considering that I paid $26.50 for a ticket that normally sells for $111.50, I guess I really shouldn't complain =)

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