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Get Hooked on TV... on Your Computer

Before you continue reading, you should know that clicking on any of the links in this particular post may lead to difficulties finishing whatever you need to do. I should know, I got hooked on a few series, and just couldn't stop until I had seen all the episodes from the very beginning.

I'm actually not referring to In2tv, which I've written about before, or Hulu, which you can access only if you're physically in the US. No, I'm referring to alluc.org, which is actually a directory of links that lead to videos of the shows—or even movies—that you're looking for. They can be as new as Oprah's interview of Tom Cruise last Friday or as old as "The Three Stooges." [UPDATE: It seems the Oprah episode has been removed, so here's another recent addition: Iron Man.]

If you keep on clicking, you'll discover that some content from the sites that the links lead to are not all listed on alluc.org. Two that I've found particularly good are Video Space and Videostic.com. The former has the first season of "Dawson's Creek," which is not even available on DVD, while the latter has all the seasons of "Friends" and the latest episode of "American Idol," in case you missed it the night before.

The videos may not be DVD-quality, but if you want to watch shows that are not available on DVD—or not yet, anyway—and all commercials have been edited out (there are ads on the page, though), some of these will be just perfect for your needs. It's possible that you won't be able to read anything on the page because it's not in English, but hey, the "play" button looks the same in any language =)

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