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The State of Library Hub

In "70 Library Hubs and still counting," Neni Sta. Romana Cruz (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 9 August 2008) summarizes the latest developments regarding Library Hub. Perhaps the most interesting news—especially for unemployed librarians—is that, "after two years of discussions, the licensed librarian post was finally approved by the Department of Education." This could mean that as many as 70 licensed librarians may be needed across the country as soon as the approval becomes reality.

Right now, most of the 70 hubs are still not operational, and Cruz expresses hope that, "between the preparation of the required physical space and the delivery of books, the public support will remain constant and unwavering." I, too, hope that the dream turns into reality, but I wonder about the "public support" to which she refers. As far as I can tell, there is no tangible support from the public for the establishment and operation of libraries. What we have are a few good men and women—including Cruz, who keeps on writing about Library Hub—working within their spheres of influence to promote the idea that libraries are necessary.

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