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Too Busy to Blog... Again

Just in case you've been wondering what happened to this blog, here's the official announcement: This blog has not been updated in the past two weeks and will not be updated for at least another two weeks because its owner is too busy to blog... again.

In the meantime, you may want to check out the following:

The Manila International Book Fair still has a few days to go. Read what's been written about it in newspapers and blogs.

Issues of Philippine Studies from 1975 onward are now freely available online, according to a comment left by its editor on "FO: Philippine Studies." The editor also writes that more issues are forthcoming. Let's hope their example galvanizes other publications into action.

Finally, Filipino "blogger and Internet librarian" Arnold Zafra was interviewed on "24 Oras" recently about "What? A social networking sites for pets?" There's a photo of a TV set with Arnold's face on his blog, but you'll want to watch the video, which Arnold himself doesn't seem to be aware of, on "Social networking sites for pets gaining popularity" =)

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