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"Shades of Slumdog Millionaire"

In a tale that's more heartwarming than heartwrenching, a U of T doctoral student won 165,000 pesos ($3,550 US) on the Filipino version of the popular television program Deal or No Deal.
That's the first sentence of the article "Shades of Slumdog Millionaire at U of T" by Elaine Smith in the latest issue of University of Toronto's the Bulletin. I have yet to see Slumdog Millionaire, but "shades" is probably correct because, as anyone who watched my appearance on "Kapamilya Deal or No Deal" knows, I never even came close to becoming a millionaire =)

Update on 14 February 2009: See also "Doctoral Candidate Wins Deal or No Deal in Philippines" on the Faculty of Information's website.

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