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Southeast Asian Resources Online: Links

Southeast Asian Resources Online: Links
The links below lead to the sites that I will be discussing at the Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians today, April 22, 1:55 pm.

World Digital Library
1001 Wonders

Southeast Asia Visions
Southeast Asian images and Texts
Southeast Asia Digital Library

Directory of Open Access Journals
Philippine Journals Online
Philippine Studies

International Children’s Digital Library
Foreign Relations of the United States – State | Wisconsin
International Agencies UNESCO | WB | IMF | ADB

Perry-CastaƱeda Library map collection
Universal Newsreels – YouTube | Internet Archive

Online Burma/Myanmar Library
Cambodian Genocide Program
Indonesian Newspaper Project
Malay Concordance Project
The United States and its Territories (Philippines)
National Online Repository of the Arts (Singapore)

Vietnam Center and Archive
Thu Vien Online

Google Translate

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