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PRC is Allowing Non-BLIS, Non-MLIS to Take Exam?

ng try ako apply dito sa PRC in my place last july , eventough i knew already that non BLIS can no longer take the exam...I just submited all the requirements together with other docs.Tinangap nila application ko pero FOR THE BOARD pa nga lang...i hope, i just really hope pwede pa...but i didnt expect that PRC didnt knew about it.zipped nalang mouth ko..

That's a comment left on "Non-BLIS, Non-MLIS Can't Take Exam — PRC." The law (R.A. 9246) is clear, only graduates with degrees in library and information science, whether bachelor’s (BLIS) or master’s (MLIS), should be taking the exam this November 2009. The recent PRC legal opinion on the request to extend the deadline affirms this. It seems, however, that a back door is still open.

IF it is still open, then those who missed passing through the front door have another chance. But I would suggest that these graduates also work on getting their BLIS or MLIS. It would be interesting to find out if their respective schools will be willing to shoulder the tuition of those who were accepted into their programs even though the administrators were aware that any graduates would be unable to take the board exam. I also hope there are no more prospective librarians currently enrolled in non-BLIS and non-MLIS programs.

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