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In My Life Screenings in Canada

In My Life Screenings in CanadaReviews of In My Life have already begun appearing in newspapers and blogs. While most mention that Vilma Santos plays a librarian, very few actually comment on it except to say that she's strict. Fortunately, there's "They’re called the net generation librarians" by Ronald Lim (Manila Bulletin, 19 September 2009), which I hope will be read by a few people who watched In My Life (and not just because my name is mentioned!).

Unfortunately, it will take a few weeks before I get to watch the film here. There will be a premiere in Toronto, but I won't be around because I'll be in Ann Arbor, MI, conducting research in connection with the fellowship grant I received. Besides, it's too expensive! Anyway, below are the schedules for the premieres and regular screenings in Canada:


October 3
Calgary, AB
Calgary Telus Convention Centre

October 4
Toronto, ON
Queen Elizabeth Theatre, CNE Grounds
Regular Screening
October 9-22: Scarborough Town Center
October 16-22: Square One, Mississauga

October 9-15: Plaza Cote des Neiges

British Columbia
October 10-11: Denman Theaters

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