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The History of Reading - 50% off

"Filipino Blogs as Evidence of Reading and Reception," a revised version of a conference paper I delivered at the 2009 SHARP conference in Toronto, has been published in the third volume of The History of Reading: Methods, Strategies, Tactics.

Copies of the 3 volumes of The History of Reading (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011) will be sold at a 50% discount at the book launch in London on Tuesday, 25 October 2011. If you happen to be in London and would like to attend, send me an email at von-dot-totanes-at-gmail-dot-com. There may still be time to get you on the guest list.

If you are based in the Philippines (or anywhere "outside Australasia & North America"), you can also avail of the 50% discount, provided you order directly from Palgrave Macmillan before 31 December 2011 using the flyer below. Note that only individuals may avail of the discount. So if you would like to order the books for your library, I suggest you ask your "Friends of the Library" group—or any generous friend—to order the books and donate it to the library.

The History of Reading - 50% off

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