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Book Development Month

June is Book Development Month!

This year's theme is "Aklat, Buklat, Mulat," which means "book, open, enlighten." As part of the celebration, a "Story Reading Competition" is being held for Grade 5 students from public and private schools in the National Capital Region (note: the deadline for submission of applications was June 17). The National Book Development Board is the government agency responsible for this initiative.

If you are interested in knowing more about the state of our local publishing industry, see "Graphs / Charts," which shows statistics on reading habits, the number of books printed, and the imbalance that exists between the number of books we import as against the number of those we export. A link is also provided to the brochure that summarizes the results of the SWS survey on the "reading attitudes and preferences of Filipinos."

For a historical overview of Philippine publishing, see "Books and Bookmaking in the Philippines" by Rosa M. Vallejo. And if you're really concerned about the book industry, you have to read "Emerging Trends in Philippine Publishing" by Karina A. Bolasco.

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