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Stay Tuned

If you are a loyal reader and have been wondering why I'm not posting as often as I used to, I'm currently in Canada because I attended the SLA Annual Conference from June 5-8. Internet access was very limited then, but now I'm staying at a place with unlimited access and will soon be addressing the comments that have piled up over the past week. Please be patient.

If you would like to know more about the conference, please see "Librarians as tech-savvy sleuths" by Anthony Reinhart (Globe and Mail, 9 June 2005) and the SLA 2005 Conference Blog. If you would like to see photos of bloggers from all over the world (okay, mostly North Americans with one Filipino), check out "Photos of Bloggers," and note that the i blog shirt has made it to foreign shores.

Finally, I will, of course, be writing about the different sessions I attended, the new things I learned and the people I met. Stay tuned...


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