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Librarian Trivia

What comic book character is a librarian by day and sexy costumed fighter by night?

The answer is contained in the Librarian Trivia Quiz Screen Saver being given out by Elsevier at the Special Libraries Association 2005 Annual Conference. More interesting trivia is available, so do download the screensaver.

You may as well check out the free stuff for librarians available on their website: the Library Connect newsletter and practical assistance pamphlets on such topics as getting published in LIS journals and designing library websites. Most are still in pdf format, so you will need Adobe Reader if you wish to access them. But to see what you're missing—in case you don't want to download the free software—see "What's the Most Important Criterion You Use to Measure Success at Your Library?" in Library Connect 3:1 (April 2005).

Note: Please excuse the plug, but it's my way of thanking Elsevier for this chance to blog using the computers they provided for free at the lobby of the Metro Toronto Convention Center.


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