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Instead of replying to each and every comment that has been made on previous posts, I hope no one will mind if I just reply here.

To ame.sweet: I'm not a religion teacher anymore, but I've run into a few students who keep quoting what I taught them when they meet me. I don't know how religious they are now, but my objective was to make them realize that they can connect the Bible to the things they do every day. And just the fact that they can remember what I taught makes me happy already =)

To all who have joined the "Yan ang Pinay" campaign: Thank you very much!

To those who have continued writing about the Filipina: Keep it up!To Gigi: As I said in "The Filipina and 'Yan ang Pinay'," "this movement is not limited to women. After all, the one who got the ball rolling, the designer of the first logo and this blogger are men."

To DarkBlak: It will never be too late to join the "Yan ang Pinay" campaign.

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