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Digital Camera Tips

Do you remember the times of your life? Well, times have changed and the cameras we use have changed, too. In fact, Kodak has already stopped selling traditional cameras (MSNBC News, 13 January 2004).

The following tips—with one-sentence summaries from me—are from "Less Cursing, Better Pictures: 10 Suggestions" by David Pogue (New York Times, 8 June 2005):

  1. End shutter lag: Half-pressing is the answer.
  2. Don't believe the megapixel myth: As always, quality—not quantity—counts.
  3. Ignore digital zoom: Optical zoom matters more.
  4. Ditch the starter card: Get a memory card with a higher capacity.
  5. Beware the format factor: Different cameras may require different memory cards.
  6. Do your research: Reviews are available, read them.
  7. Know your class: What's your budget? What will you use it for?
  8. Turn off the flash: You don't always need it.
  9. Turn on the flash: Know when to use it.
  10. Turn off the screen: Conserve your battery.
And finally—this one's from me:
Do your share: Cameras don't take pictures, people do.

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