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Filipinas Heritage Library

The Filipinas Heritage Library is a special library, specifically, "a one-stop electronic research center on the Philippines." While it is obviously a for-profit institution, it has some free resources worth looking at.

Its Filipiniana Collection includes some background on and translations of the National Anthem, the old and revised versions of the "Panatang Makabayan," and the full text of seven essays written by Gabriel Casal on "Ma'i," which is how the Chinese referred to the Philippines in pre-colonial times. Its Collection of Rare Books features "synopses and facsimiles of pages from selected titles."

And then there's LibraryLink, which provides "one search engine or point of entry for researchers and students who are doing research on Filipiniana." In other words, it's a union catalog for the Filipiniana collections of thirty member-libraries and one library network. Once users find the documents they need in the catalog, requests for inter-library loans may be coursed through the individual libraries.

Aside from its union catalog, users should also check out the Featured Articles, announcements on Seminars & Workshops and Talakayan, a forum for librarians and non-librarians (note: registration is required to participate in discussions, but it is not necessary to read the messages).

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