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Feedback on "I am a Librarian"

From Sabs Alejandrino, New York:

Good video! You know it's funny how I've forgotten the stereotype of a librarian has been in the Phils. Since we've been here, we've been taking the kids to the library quite often as they have lots of activities, and the librarians here are as cool, friendly and hip as the Starbucks employees in Manhattan. What strikes me is their service orientation, especially to kids as they're all aware that you have to catch them while they're young, to make lifelong readers. It doesn't matter what they read, comic books, magazines, etc. as long as they have printed material in front of them daily (di naman siguro porn no?). My son gets to read Yu-giyoh and Power ranger books along with his robotics and dinosaur ones which he gets to check out every week in the school library and in our community library.
It looks like American librarians have a better image than Filipino librarians, especially if you read "The Library: Next Best Thing to an MBA" by Stacy Perman (BusinessWeek, 30 May 2006).

But considering that a few blograrians linked to my "I am a Librarian" video, maybe stereotypes haven't been totally eliminated in the United States. Check out the following:
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