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SSP and SLA Maps

Well, I made it safely to the United States. I'll be attending the Annual Meeting of the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) in Arlington, VA, June 7-9, and the Annual Conference of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) in Baltimore, MD, June 11-14.

I've posted "Maps" on the SLA 2006 Conference Blog for those who are not so familiar with the streets of Baltimore. And since SSP doesn't have a similar site, I'm including here what I would have posted on their blog if they had one.
Note: The information below will also be of interest to those who will be traveling to the United States or Canada. Unfortunately, the sites listed do not yet have similar maps for the Philippines. But we do have MapCentral =)
If you're not familiar with Arlington because you're from out of town—or out of the country, like me—you may want to check out some maps on the following sites:
  • A9 - Includes street-level photos of the meeting venue. You just need to figure out which side of the road you're on.
  • Google Maps - The "hybrid" view combines "map" and "satellite" images for a bird's-eye view of the venue.
  • MapQuest - No photos, but provides additional options for driving directions, like "Shortest Time" and "Avoid Highways."
And don't forget to visit the Crystal Gateway Marriott's website, which has its own maps, directions and photos.

By the way, just in case you're wondering, yes, I'll be blogging about both events. But please be patient. I haven't even finished with A-LIEP yet!

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