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FO: The Philippines According
to the US Military

Americans and Filipinos fought against each other during the Philippine Revolution, joined forces during World War II, and pretty much had a love-hate relationship during the twentieth century. The US bases are gone now, but the US military still arouses different emotions among Filipinos.

It is perhaps appropriate to look at how American military historians have written about the Philippines 60 years after the US granted our country its independence on the Fourth of July.

The following sites feature entire books, photos and maps about US military involvement in the Philippines:
You may wish to use each site's search engine, but using Google might be easier, especially if you wish to look for images, too. The following syntax will allow you to search the sites listed above using Google:

site:www.xxx.mil keyword

Please note that there is no space between the colon and "www"; you need to replace "xxx" and "keyword" with the appropriate letters or words; and remember that you can use this same syntax to search any site using Google.
Or you can click on the links below to search the sites above using the keyword "Philippines":

Some of the more interesting items are:

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