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Wanted: Librarians

Are you looking for a job as a librarian? Just in case you didn't know, you don't have to buy the Sunday newspapers to check out the classified ads. Manila Bulletin and the Philippine Daily Inquirer have online versions that can be searched without having to get ink on your hands. Sadly, no openings for librarians are available at this time.

But not to worry, there are other websites you can explore that do have existing openings:

You should also check out LibraryLink's Talakayan Board, which has a thread devoted to Job Vacancies.

These are nothing, however, compared with the 41 vacancies—yes, 4-1—in the United States as listed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration since 25 May 2006. This probably has something to do with the fact that "librarian" is one of the five professions listed in "Today's Most Unpopular Jobs" by Laura Morsch (CareerBuilder.com, 6 February 2006)—along with "registered nurse."

But don't jump up and down just yet. Read "The Entry Level Gap" by Rachel Holt and Adrienne Strock (Library Journal, 1 May 2005), which indicates that those with more experience are more likely to be hired.

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