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SLA 2006 Conference Blog

Just in case any of you are wondering what I've been doing at SLA's conference in Baltimore, I've been taking photos of the sessions I've attended and doing some "live" blogging at the SLA 2006 Conference Blog.

I don't know that people even notice that photos are up within minutes of the beginning of the sessions, but hey, it's better than posts delayed by several months, like what happened last year =)

The following are the posts I've written in the past three days for the conference blog:

Walter Mossberg: No Powerpoint!
5,844 participants!
Successful Competitive Intelligence Models
Is that what I think it is?
Mary Ellen Bates on Becoming a Value-Added Information Professional
The Shifted Librarian on How to Use RSS to Know More and Do Less
Business Meeting Starts
Gary and Genie on New Web Tools
Photo of "The bloggers got together!"
Ken Haycock on Developing Leadership
Gwen Ifill wanted to be a librarian
If you want to know what Jenny Levine and Gary Price look like, I suggest you click through. And one of these days, I'll post the photo of the Lipstick Librarian =)

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