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SLA 2006: The Sessions

I don't think I'm ever going to have time to put my notes together for SLA, so here are links to notes, photos, slides—even a podcast!—on the sessions I attended, plus other sites that you can check for other sessions.

Gwen Ifill: Opening General Session
Notes: The Information Auditor, InfoToday Blog
Photo: SLA 2006 Conference Blog
Ken Haycock: Developing Leadership
Notes: Library Buzz
Photo: SLA 2006 Conference Blog
Podcast: SLA 2006 Conference Blog
Gary Price and Genie Tyburski: New Web Tools
Notes: Info Today
Photo: SLA 2006 Conference Blog
Slides: Gary Price, Genie Tyburski
Bloggers Meet
Photos: Flickr, SLA 2006 Conference Blog
List: SLA 2006 Conference Blog
Jenny Levine: How to Use RSS to Know More and Do Less
Notes: InfoToday Blog
Photos: SLA 2006 Conference Blog
Slides: The Shifted Librarian
Mary Ellen Bates: Becoming A Value-Added Information Professional
Notes: Library Buzz, InfoToday Blog
Photo: SLA 2006 Conference Blog
Slides: Bates Information Services (pdf)
Walt Mossberg: Closing General Session
Notes: InfoToday Blog
Photo: SLA 2006 Conference Blog
There are more photos and notes on the SLA 2006 Conference Blog and the InfoToday Blog, but check out the detailed notes, too, on the following blogs: Confessions of a Mad Librarian, Data Obsessed, and The Information Auditor.

Presentation slides will be made available on the SLA website, but quite a few (ppt and pdf) are already up at the following websites: Bates Information Services, the Business and Finance Division, and the News Division.

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