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The Filipina and "Yan ang Pinay":
Six Months Later

It's been six months since I wrote "Yan ang Pinay." Others had already written about the negative image of the Filipina online before that, but it was this post that got singled out as having "launched" the movement, even though I was actually just one of many bloggers who wrote about "Yan ang Pinay" on that day.

If there is one objective that all those who joined the movement wish to achieve, I think it would be to make sure that the top ten search results on Google for the word "Filipina" lead to websites that portray a positive image of the Filipina today. Right now, there are still quite a few in the top ten that tend to objectify the Filipina. And while many of the sites that we've linked to in the past have made it to the top ten, I think we need many more links to the following sites so that they can be ranked higher:

Bagong Pinay (New Filipina)
Filipina Webring
Definition of Filipina (Merriam-Webster)
Filipina on Wikipedia
Definition of Filipina (American Heritage)
And then there are the "Yan ang Pinay" posts that have also made it into the top search results:
"Filipina!" (Drakulita)
"'Filipina' as a keyword" (Blah!)
"Filipina" (Rickey)
"What is a Filipina?" (Sassy Lawyer)
"Filipina ko, kay ngano man diay?"(Balikbayan Box)
If you decide to link to the sites listed above, please make sure that the word "Filipina" appears in the link and not some other word.

For other ways to improve the Filipina's online presence, please see the nine techniques enumerated at Fabulous Filipinas or check out all my other posts on the Filipina.

For newer images that you can use, there is a Filipina digital painting by Joel Chua (via Jonas Diego) and Filipina buttons by Audienceone.

If you would like to know more about the objectives of "Yan ang Pinay"—including what it is and what it isn't—please see "The Filipina and 'Yan ang Pinay'."

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