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FO: Bonifacio Day

November 30—one week from today—is supposed to be an official holiday because Andres Bonifacio, one of the Philippines' national heroes, was born on that day. This year, the holiday will be on November 28, but all activities and celebrations connected with Bonifacio Day will still be observed on November 30 (see Proclamation No. 839).

If you would like to read what has been written about Bonifacio by historians and other scholars, the best starting point online is Bonifacio Papers. It looks like a blog, of course, but it is really a collection of scholarly works on Bonifacio. Book excerpts, chapters and articles are reproduced in their entirety.

The sidebar is practically a bibliography of Bonifacio's Works, what has been written about his Life, and other documents on Gregoria de Jesus and the Philippine Revolution. And then there's the section devoted to Glenn Anthony May's Inventing a Hero, which includes the "Introduction," the various Critiques of May's work, and May's Response.

It is clear that the blog's owner has not yet gotten around to Bonifacio's Trial (it's listed in the sidebar but no works are available at this time), but the recent six-part series by La Vida Lawyer on the trial (Part 1 2 3 4 5 6) more than fills this void. You may also wish to read "21st Century Lawyer Notes on the Bonifacio Trial." (Note: Unlike Bonifacio Papers, sources are not clearly indicated on this blog.)

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