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Dialogue with Da Vinci, don't burn it

Why would anyone want to burn any book? Read "Copies of 'Da Vinci' book, film burned" by Nini Valera and Tina G. Santos (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 27 May 2006) and let me know if the organizers said anything that remotely justifies burning the book. They won't even prevent people from reading the book because they only burned three copies. They are, of course, entitled to their own opinions, but my guess is that burning the book was really just a publicity stunt.

And then there's that dismissive comment from a member of the group who said that people in the provinces won't be interested in the movie because, "It’s mostly dialogue anyway." Contrast this position with the effort of Loyola School of Theology (LST) to start a real dialogue.

The event is called "Evenings with Da Vinci and Judas," and discussions will be led by Fr. Antonio de Castro, SJ, and Fr. Victor Salanga, SJ, a Church historian and a Bible scholar, respectively. They know their stuff, unlike the book burners who just know that people in the provinces don't like movies with dialogue. No books will be burned.

Incidentally, LST is a pontifical school. In Philippine-education terms, this means that the pope himself has "accredited" the school to teach future teachers of the Catholic faith.

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