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FO: Doctrina Christiana, 1593

See also "The First Books Printed in the Philippines."

Doctrina Christiana
Not everything shows up on search engines. If you would like to read Doctrina Christiana, one of the two books which are said to have been the first to be printed in the Philippines, Google and Yahoo! will most likely lead you to Project Gutenberg's text-only version. But because search engines don't normally show results from the "invisible" or "deep" web, you probably won't find the "digital book" version. And yes, that means you can read the entire book online almost as if you were turning the pages of this very rare book printed in 1593.

  1. The site indicates that there are 91 pages, but the text appears only on pages 5 to 80.
  2. If you would like to know how the book was preserved, check out the eighth item in "Books: Preserving the the Nation's Heritage at the Library of Congress."

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