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Onofre Pagsanghan: Filipino

Mabuhay! Today is Independence Day. And the birthday of someone who helped me grow and achieve my own independence.

Onofre R. Pagsanghan is a teacher. He began teaching at the Ateneo de Manila High School in 1951, taught both English and Filipino for more than four decades, became one of the first awardees of Metrobank's Search for Outstanding Teachers in 1985, and continues to be recognized for his teaching not only by the Ateneo, but by other national organizations as well.

Mr. Pagsi, as his students fondly call him, has utilized and continues to utilize theatre as a means to teach not just English and Filipino, but Christian values as well. He began "teaching" theatre as moderator of the Ateneo High School Dramatics Society in 1955, managed its transition into Dulaang Sibol in 1966, and has won recognition as a playwright and director in the succeeding decades.

He married Florinda Duran in 1960. They have three children: Stella, Joel, and Sylvia. He was born in Manila on 12 June 1927.

For more information, read his curriculum vitae.

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