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Filipina: Yan ang Pinay!

FilipinaIt's possible that Google's new algorithm, which minimizes the impact of Googlebombing, has had an effect on the Yan ang Pinay (YAP) campaign. But my guess is that after the initial success, YAP fell off the radar of many bloggers. And that's why search results for "filipina" on Google are pretty much back to where they used to be.

Well, it seems that Filipinas like Zarah ("Yan Ang Pinay! Resurrected") and Grace ("Resurrecting the image of a true Filipina") are not about to give up. So I suppose the men shouldn't give up either.

What can be done? Check out my previous posts (including blocking undesirable ads) and the techniques enumerated at Fabulous Filipinas. But to put it very simply, Filipino women need to identify themselves as Filipina—not just Filipino—and turn the word into a link.

Why? Because the ones who are actively using the word "Filipina" online and turning it into a link—very likely men who view Filipinas as sex objects—are the ones who are causing search engine results to paint an unflattering picture of the Filipina.

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