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Filipino Librarian is Two Years Old!

It's been two years since my first post, and since I've already commented before on how this blog has achieved its initial objectives and much more, allow me to just share a few statistics about this blog.


About 350 every day, goes up to 500 or more on week days, and down to 200 on weekends. Visitors have looked at an average of about two pages per visit since August 2006. My guess is that most visitors access this blog from the office or school. Or they're just too busy to go blog-hopping on weekends. Source: Site Meter.
I don't know why this blog is getting visits from South America, Africa and Russia (!), but if you're from there, thanks for dropping by! Click on the ClustrMap below to see where this blog's visitors live.
Filipino LibrarianPopular pages
Undoubtedly, the Talumpati posts, followed by the ones about—sshhh—"Sex in the Library," which is not really about sex. The average number of visitors, not to mention pageloads, doubled from June to August 2006 after I began translating speeches into Tagalog. Sex doesn't really get mentioned on this blog very often, but the few posts that do usually get a lot of visits. Knowing that most of this blog's traffic comes from students doing "research," and perverts looking for I-don't-know-what, should I just take the easy way out and cater to their "needs"? =) Source: MyBlogLog.
About 400, as seen in the blue "button" on the right, which currently indicates that this blog has 427 "readers." This, however, can be misleading because those who subscribe to this blog's feed may not necessarily always read what I write. They may, in fact, just be looking at the titles to see if they want to read my latest post. But since more than 75 percent of these subscribers signed up for the email feature, then my guess is that these people are very much unlike the "Visitors" mentioned earlier, who find this blog via search engines. Source: FeedBurner.
According to Technorati, 1,045 total links, with 381 links from 109 blogs in the last 180 days. According to Google's Webmaster Tools, which is not limited to blogs, 8,763 total links, with more than 75 percent linking to this blog's main page. But since there are probably a lot of duplicate links involved in the counts of both search engines, my guess is that the truth is nearer to the Technorati figure. And the most-linked individual pages? Three Yan ang Pinay posts with 135, 215, and 306 links, respectively.
According to Haloscan, 1,396 comments since May 2005, or about 66 comments per month. But considering that my comments are included in the count, and that comments tend to cluster around certain posts, I'd say that this is one of the areas in which this blog could stand some improvement. If you have any suggestions on how I can encourage visitors to comment, please leave a comment =)
It used to be that this was the area that needed the most improvement, but since traffic picked up in August 2006, revenue from the ads that most of you probably don't even notice has accelerated such that from earning $100 in 18 months from Google AdSense, this blog earned the next $100 in much less time, and provides hope that $100 per month is possible. I don't know if it was the increased traffic and/or some kind-hearted souls that is/are driving this delightful trend, but I hope it continues! In case you're worried that this blog is going to turn into a money-making scheme, I'd like to assure you that I'll be giving it all back. Watch out for the contest I'll be launching soon!
Finally, if you've gotten this far, I'd appreciate it very much if you'd leave some feedback, so that I can learn something about what readers think aside from the nice things that I know my relatives and friends will say =)

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