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June is Book Development Month

"Love Your Books" is the theme of this year's celebration of Book Development Month (BDM). The National Book Development Board (NBDB), in partnership with the Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL), has lined up a series of lectures and activities. Unfortunately, neither the NBDB nor FHL websites has any information on BDM yet, so I have reproduced the schedule I received from NBDB below. For more details, please call NBDB at 9280048.

Just a few notes: Zarah Gagatiga and Troy Lacsamana, both of whom are well-known children's librarians, will be speakers on "Your Community Library" at FHL in Makati on Monday, June 4. I wish I could be there for May Jurilla's session on "The Book Talks: What Will It Tell?" on June 7. Her dissertation was on "Tagalog Bestsellers and the History of the Book in the Philippines," which is something I'm very interested in.

Incidentally, the billboard above, with the slogan “Open a book, See the world,” shows media personality Lyn Ching-Pascual reading Charlson Ong’s Banyaga, A Song of War. It is part of the NBDB’s efforts to invite more people to get caught reading. The photo was provided by the NBDB.

Here's the schedule of activities:

June 4
Your Community Library
By Zarah Gagatiga
A whole day lecture on setting up and sustainability issues of a community library to be held at the Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL).
June 6
A Book is an Event
By Ani Almario and Zarah Gagatiga of PBBY
A two-part lecture to equip teachers and librarians with knowledge and skills that will help encourage students to read more often for longer periods of time and improve their comprehension.
June 7
The Book Talks: What Will It Tell?
By May Jurilla, Ph.D.
This unique lecture topic depicts the crucial role of book development vis-à-vis nation building.
June 8
NBDB Anniversary

June 14
What Makes a Reading Campaign Work?
This panel discussion will assess the successes and failures of the different reading campaigns vis-à-vis the various considerations and objectives of different agencies, identify gaps and address them.
June 27 – July 1
Portrait of the City Exhibit: The Literary Imagination and the City We Live In
A literary exhibit to be held at the Glorietta Park, this exhibit will feature the places around Metro Manila that have inspired the literary works of local authors.
June 27
Opening and cocktails

June 28
Book Illustration Contest Launch

June 29
Performance Poetry

June 30
Reading short fiction with celebrities, theatrical storytelling

Portrait of the City Tour
To be conducted by Joanna Abrera Del Prado, the Tour begins at the Literary City Exhibit in Glorietta, where participants will get an orientation of the tour before visiting the places themselves.

The exhibit is free of charge but the tour is only five hundred pesos (P500) to cover meals, transportation and materials. Guided tours at the Glorietta Park and the Trinoma Mall are available for classes on June 28 and 29 and on July 5 and 6 at 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

For more information on the other events, please call the National Book Development Board at 929-3881. To join this tour, call the Filipinas Heritage Library at 892-1801.
July 4-8
Portrait of the City Tour at the Trinoma Mall with daily field trips
This exhibit will feature the places around Metro Manila that have inspired the literary works of local authors.
July 1
Storytelling for children

July 4
Opening ceremonies

July 8
Closing ceremonies with storytelling for kids

Student field trips during the Literary Exhibits at the Glorietta Park and Trinoma Mall are welcome. For more information, call the National Book Development Board at 928-0048.

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