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SLA 2007: Denver and A Day in the Life

Today is the second day of SLA's annual conference, but I've actually been here in Denver since June 1. Last night, Al Gore opened the conference. (Unfortunately, picture-taking and videotaping were disallowed.) Today will be the first day of two full days of sessions. And then, on Wednesday, Scott Adams (Dilbert) will close the conference. This is the third year I'm writing for the conference blog. Check it out!

I was also finally able to get a copy of A Day in the Life. I didn't realize it was going to be such a thick book. But getting the book reminded me that even though I knew that the book was out there, and that there's a website devoted to it, I still belong to the school where a book isn't quite a book until I can hold it in my hands and turn its pages.

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